Taking Care of Your Dog in Your Absence in Colwyn Bay, Conwy

Whether you are jetting away on holiday or find yourself spending long hours at work, it is important to know that your pet is being looked after. At Alternadogs, in Colwyn Bay, Conwy, we offer doggy day care services that are tailored to the individual needs of you and your dog. For longer periods of time, we provide a homely dog boarding service, which is almost like a holiday for your dog. Alongside boarding and day care, our dog care specialists also complete dog grooming.

No-Frills Day Care - £10

This package is the no-frills service that you need. Your beloved dog will be placed in a spacious cage of their own, facilitating their safety and comfort. They shall also be provided with enough space to have a stretch and roam comfortably. Food and fresh water will be available as well as personal interaction and various toys to prevent boredom.

The Muttz Nutz - £15

An upgrade to the no-frills package, The Muttz Nutz includes all of the same features as well as some generous extras. They include a special edible doggy treat, an hour of one-to-one interaction throughout the day with a member of staff, and a walk if it is safe to do so.

Alternabeds Boarding - £25 per Night

To make sure your dog is comfortable, this package offers private boarding in our own home, giving them a personal and homely environment. It is stressful enough for a dog to be without its owner, so offer them an alternative to strange kennels filled with loud noises and discomforting unfamiliarities. Providing a warm house, comfortable bed, delicious food, exciting walks, and playful interaction, the Alternabeds Boarding package is perfect for any pup. To ensure a personal experience for each dog, we only ever host three at a time.

Contact us now, in Colwyn Bay, Conwy, to receive more information about our doggy day care and dog boarding services.